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ESP is a state of the art sports centre and chiropractic clinic specializing in performance conditioning, injury prevention & rehabilitation of elite (and non-) athletes. A large number of our clients are footballers who currently play in a professional european league.

ESP is also a cutting-edge training concept, tailored specifically for elite athletes and pro footballers alike. This concept was developed and spearheaded by Roland Claes (D.C. - USA), chiropractor, expert in exercise physiology, expert on sports science, and expert on performance conditioning, who has already worked for many years with renowned athletes, helping build up their successful careers, and also with many prestigious sporting organisations.

ESP training increases the players' strength, flexibility, balance, agility, explosive power, joint stability and endurance, while considerably reducing the risk of injury throughout the season. This training concept is ideal for both injury prevention and injury rehabilitation. All our ESP-trained clients have increased considerably their level of play and performance. Our programs are personalized, based on the player's position, his current bio-mechanical weaknesses and his history of injuries. We also offer a comprehensive nutrition program and dietary supplement advice, which is vital in today's sports.

ESP offers :

Chiropractic care - Performance conditioning - Personalized programs - Nutrition coaching - Mental coaching - Functional training - Strength training - Core stability - Injury prevention & rehabilitation

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Tel : (+32) 0498 521 521 ESP  is located : 65 Koningin Astridlaan – 1950 Kraainem

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