Roland Claes


Doctor of Chiropractic, D.C. (Atlanta-USA) - Expert in Exercise Physiology - Expert on Sports Science Expert on Performance Conditioning (USA) - Masters in Human Nutrition - Mental Coaching (Masters in NLP) - Coach & advisor to many renowned Top-level (Pro) athletes & football (soccer) players

Founder of Elite Sport Performance (ESP), a cutting-edge sports centre specialized in performance conditioning and rehabilitation of top-level (Pro) athletes and non-athletes of all ages.

Roland Claes has helped building up the careers of numerous renowned champions in : pro football (soccer), tennis, cycling, track & field, triathlon, cycling, car racing, fighting sports, etc. He has also worked with many prestigious sporting organizations.

He has always been a top-level athlete himself and maintains his physical condition through rigorous daily training sessions comprising Functional Training (TRX), weightlifting and stretching.

Visit our facebook page “Elite Sport Performance Center”     Twitter: @rolandclaes   LinkedIn: rolandclaes

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